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Our Goal

Welcome to Signing His Praises. Our goal is to bring you information and products related to learning sign language and using it in the worship setting, and in everyday life.

We want to see people from age 1 to 100 using sign language in everyday communication with the Deaf.

One word of warning...once you start, you'll be hooked...


Our Purpose

Signing His Praises strives to bring you the most comprehensive information as well as recommend the best books, videos and software available to help you advance in your knowledge of
communicating through the use of  
American Sign Language (ASL).  

Be sure to look at our Events page to see if there are sign language related events taking place in your area and check out our product recommendations for tools to help you get started learning or to assist you in continuing your ASL education. 

If you are thinking about becoming an interpreter, the Interpreter page is for you. You will find loads of information on the process of becoming an interpreter, what it is like to work as an interpreter, and the national interpreter certification process.

For those who are interpreting in church, or feel called to start a Deaf ministry, the Worship page was created with you in mind. You will find answers to questions about interpreting in the church setting, as well as ideas for improving the interpretation process at church.

Visit our Links page to find links to valuable online information related to Deafness, learning sign language, and interpreting. Some of the sites you can link to even provide you the opportunity to learn ASL online free. Check back often as we will do our best to add more products, information and links as more becomes available.


Our Vision

The vision of Signing His Praises is to become a comprehensive website that people can turn to in order to learn sign language, improve their understanding of Deafness, and find information on Deaf and/or sign language related events. We will create tools to help people learn sign language, especially geared toward those who intend to use the sign language in the worship setting.

If you don't find what you're looking for on this site, please send us your comments. We want to make this the most comprehensive site on the web for people just learning about sign language. Please help us out by sending your suggestions.